Die TOPWERK Philosophie

Leitbild TOP-WERK Group

Our Vision

Top-Werk Group’s products and services globally form the uncontested industrial yardstick in terms of technology, innovation, quality, reliability and ease of integration. Our business is for the long-term and builds on stable entrepreneurial and financial grounds. We create true and sustainable value advantages for our customers and offer a global excellent service. These are the reasons that explain our global reputation as the most respected and most highly estimated player in the industry.

Our Mission

We know about our customers’ high expectations and have the permanent ambition to meet these through our broad expertise, our personal drive and our diligence. Our active, worldwide market presence and our innovative, always solution-oriented developments provide our customers and us significant competitive advantages. The Top-Werk solutions are easy to handle and offer a high degree of integration and flexibility. We keep our own organization slim and trustfully work in teams.

Our Values

Our most valuable asset is the trust of our customers. We gain and maintain it through honesty and fair and respectful behavior internally and externally. We are ready to perform, loyal and reliable. We are tolerant and fair-minded vis-à-vis other opinions and cultures. We think and act as a group and subordinate particular interests where required. Everybody likes working with and for Top-Werk.

TOP-WERK – Our Value Package

  1. Worldwide, we are the only supplier of complete integrated system solutions for the production of concrete products.
  2. We offer our customers a fully integrated system concept from the mixing plant, the production, the handling, the value-adding until the packaging for the production of concrete blocks and pavers, concrete slabs, infrastructure products and autoclaved aerated concrete
  3. Our particular strength is the customized engineered solutions with our customers

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company areas of the TOP-WERK Group:

Concrete block machines, mixing systems, moulds


Tile presses, value adding lines


Plants for concrete infrastructure products


Autoclaved aerated concrete plants