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“Paths are made by walking.”

Franz Kafka

Digital made by TOPWERK GROUP

The digital revolution fundamentally changes the way we live, work and communicate at an increasing speed. Together with our customers, the TOPWERK GROUP actively shapes new working conditions for the construction materials industry. The main focus is to ensure the product quality and the automation of the manufacturing and production processes. Our aim is not only to fulfill the highest global demands but to exceed our customer´s expectations.

We continually develop the integration of “Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Methods” of our equipment. These are digital systems that provide predictive and preventative tools designed for the maintenance and care of the systems. The objective is to minimize downtimes and reduce total costs.

We at TOPWERK would like to utilize the positive effects and new opportunities generated by digitalization to create sustainable, valuable benefits such as higher efficiency, enhanced product performance and an increase in the work quality of our customers. To maintain our status as an innovative industry leader, a series of projects were started, which will continuously strengthen the digitalization level of the machines and systems.


Digital innovation: The SmartVision solutions from HESS GROUP enables you to perform efficient and precise analysis in collaboration with a Helpdesk service agent by means of image transmission through digital glasses. With the ADD-on maintenance, you have the option of having your maintenance instructions displayed directly on your SmartVision glasses by scanning a QR code. This enables you to fully focus on the task at hand.


PRINZING PFEIFFER is currently developing a web-based visualization of production statistics for pipe and manhole machines. All relevant data can be retrieved via a web browser and can be displayed by any mobile device such as smartphones, tablets and PCs, sorted by location, linked plants and individual machines. This helps you to analyze important parameters such as machine performance, current status, downtimes and waiting times in order to keep them in focus.


A system extension that shows real-time operating information for the machines in your product line is currently being developed by HESS AAC SYSTEMS. With this function you can quickly get an overview of the current status of your machinery. This helps you to optimize various processes in your production, e.g. maintenance, machine performance and availability.