AAC in Mongolia: MAK Euro Block expands its production with a modern reinforcement system

September 9, 2021

The advantages of autoclaved aerated concrete are gaining increasing international recognition – also in Mongolia. MAK Euro Block, the market leader in Mongolia, is now expanding its portfolio with the so-called AAC Reinforcement System from Hess AAC Systems. This reinforcement system enables the manufacturer to produce loadbearing AAC elements in addition to AAC blocks, thus expanding the product range to all essential components for small houses. The extreme climate in Mongolia makes AAC the material of choice.

European standards in Mongolia

For an outsider, it is difficult to visualize the production conditions and associated challenges in Mongolia. Also, considering that the country has little more than 3 million inhabitants living in an area of 1.5 million km² (more than 4 times the size of Germany), one does not immediately expect to find large concrete production facilities in the region. And yet, several Mongolian companies were already producing AAC blocks 20 years ago. Hess AAC Systems supported MAK Euro Block in the construction of their production plant and the manufacturer quickly left the competition behind. Standards such as those established in Europe did not exist at that stage, which is why Hess AAC Systems brought the European DIN EN standards to Mongolia. The technically complex documents were translated and officially recognized by the relevant local authorities.

Reinforcement cages during the drying process after immersion in a protective anti-corrosion agent.

Extreme weather conditions require the right choice of material

Mongolia has one of the most extreme climates in the world. The temperatures in summer average +20°C, but in the long winter they can drop to -25°C. In addition, temperature fluctuations between day and night can be as high as 32°C in some places. This is why the excellent thermal insulation provided by AAC is a welcome feature when building small houses. The cold winters further shorten the time in which construction can take place and AAC can be transported and installed with simple methods and, above all, very fast. MAK Euro Block now produces 900 m³ of AAC per day and operates four autoclaves. Hess AAC Systems will soon deliver a fifth one, which will enable MAK to increase production by another 25%. A large part of the Mongolian population still lives in tents and politicians are consequently very interested in building small houses. It is, therefore, no surprise that the government is in favor of the activities of MAK Euro Block and the product expansion made possible with the Hess AAC SYSTEMS reinforcement system. MAK Euro Block benefits from a versatile production plant that shows the ideal combination of efficient block production and wide a range of reinforced products.

The AAC Reinforcement System for reinforced slabs

MAK Euro Block is the only company in Mongolia that is even capable of producing reinforced AAC slabs. The Hess Reinforcement System allows the insertion of a reinforcement cage into the AAC product. Longitudinal and transverse bars of reinforcing steel are welded together, coated with corrosion protection, and lowered into the material directly after casting via a support frame. After fermentation of the AAC, the holding frame is unlocked from the reinforcement cage and the reinforcement cage remains in place. Only then is the product cut into its final shape. Due to the reinforcement, the end product can absorb not only compressive forces but also high tensile forces due to bending and can therefore be used as a load-bearing element. When integrating the AAC Reinforcement System in the plant, a tension bench was installed to check the quality of the reinforcing steel. In addition, a system to check the welded joints was provided. To verify the absorption of the tensile forces by the reinforced AAC, a system for carrying out bending tests was also set up. Last but not least, Hess AAC Systems trained the employees of MAK Euro Block on the subject of reinforcement. Among other aspects, they worked together with structural engineers to raise awareness of the practical application after production.

Following the hardening process, reinforced slabs up to 6 m long are transported to the loading area.

AAC is gaining increasing recognition and popularity worldwide

Particularly in climatically challenging areas such as Mongolia, AAC manufacturers have a strong market advantage and MAK Euro Block has taken an important step with the addition of the AAC Reinforcement System. From floors and ceilings to walls, the Mongolian company can now offer all basic components including load-bearing elements for house construction. Hess AAC Systems has now been working with the Mongolian company for more than a decade and will continue to contribute to strengthening MAK Euro Block‘s market position in the future.



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