The latest development for automatic unloading and packing of AAC production

June 15, 2022

The production of autoclaved aerated concrete has changed from a purely manual production process where even the cutting is done by hand saw to a fully automated high-tech process. Some factories look clean like a living room, and the machines operate as if by an invisible hand. 

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more of a challenge to find workers, and companies are already suffering from a shortage of personnel in all fields, from engineers to unskilled workers. Therefore, it is becoming more and more essential to find other ways to reduce the need for labor.

As a result, production monitoring is centralized, and employees sit in an air-conditioned room watching the screens, thus intervening remotely only when necessary. For such systems to work free of error and interruption, it needs state-of-the-art solutions.

One such workstation is the stacking area for frames before and after autoclaving. Besides being hot there, health and safety measures should also be considered.

HESS AAC SYSTEMS has been active in the aerated concrete market for 40 years and has, since then, pursued the goal of supporting AAC manufacturers and those who want to become such with expert knowledge and customized solutions to strengthen their position.

Keeping in mind the industrial challenges, the HESS AAC SYSTEMS engineering department has developed a new solution for automatic unloading and packing of AAC production: a multi-axis robot that stacks and restacks the pins automatically and with high precision.

The system is highly flexible and can be used not only for the plants of HESS AAC SYSTEMS. Thanks to its design, it can be installed in any other system where pins need to be handled, regardless of the technology used and the size of the frame. This robot system is not only good for the new plant with high capacity and a high degree of automation but also a valuable add-on for the existing AAC factory.

Michael Deissing, an expert in the AAC production industry, is very optimistic about the latest development: “I believe that this system can help the AAC manufacturers to minimize the waiting times, save costs & produce more efficiently.”

For more details, visit the booth of TOPWERK GROUP Nr. B1. 127 at bauma and learn more in issue 4/22 of AAC Worldwide.