What is Sand-lime?

Sand-lime is made out of sand, lime and water (no additives). By high pressing the mixture and autoclaving afterwards a firm white building material is produced. The procedure is well-known as it first has been manufactured in Germany in 1894.

Other words for sand-lime bricks: 

  • calcium-silicate bricks;
  • limestones;
  • silicate stones.

In the contrary  to autoclaved aerated concrete no aluminium and gypsum is added, which prevents the chemical reaction (aerating) between the aluminium and the alkali in the lime and the cement.

Sand-lime bricks characteristics:

  • Good acoustic insulation;
  • Weak thermic insulation;
  • Good heat & humidity accumulation;
  • Good fire resistance.

HESS AAC Systems develops, engineers and manufactures machinery and systems for sand-lime brick manufacturers.
We have focused our activities on the sawing of sand-lime elements. 


Further information:

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For the sand-lime (or calcium-silicate) industry HESS AAC offers a broad range of innovative machinery and services. 

HESS AAC has completed several projects successfully to the satisfaction of customers within the sand-lime industry. 

Among others:

  • Control systems for mixing towers and autoclaving car circulation;
  • Improved lifting axes on manipulators;
  • Product tracking system throughout the complete production process;
  • Inspections and various repair and maintenance projects;
  • Replacement of outdated Siemens S3 / S5 controls by modern  Siemens S7 technology;
  • Dismantling, erection and commissioning of several sand-lime brick presses.
  • Modification of "Van Voorden" sawing systems
  • Complete sand-lime element sawing lines 
  • Complete autoclave control systems
  • Various modification packages for hydraulic sand-lime presses
  • Product quality measuring systems

From the design up to the running system, HESS offers high performance machinery and systems for further plant optimization. Recent developments and state-of-the-art logistics and controls are integrated in the solutions offered, ranging from turn-key equipment to after-sales services in order to offer a 'one-stop' solution. 

Recent developments concern improvements in handling and logistics for green and white sand-lime element sawing systems, as well as the configuration of complete new, highly efficient sawing systems.

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