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more efficient production

Use our TOPWERK SmartApp to connect quickly and easily to our Helpdesk staff. Live video streaming enables us to work with you and find solutions fast to minimize potential downtimes.

Thanks to direct translation, we can overcome any language barriers (audio into 9 languages, via chat in more than 140 languages).

You want to have both hands free for working while continuing to use our SmartVision support? Our hands-free solution enables you to start your work immediately while communicating with our Helpdesk service agent via headset and microphone.

In addition, our product companies offer individual expansions to make accomplishing your daily tasks easier and more cost-effective.


The package includes:
Maintenance manual
using QR code
Currently available for
the machine types:
RH 1500-4
RH 2000-4
including Basic Package
and Hands-Free Solution


The package includes:
Connection to our
Helpdesk using our
TOPWERK - SmartApp via
smartphone or tablet


The package includes:
SmartVision glasses
1 Rechargeable battery
1 Case
1 Shoulder strap strap
1 Data (charging) cable
including Basic Package


Other features:

  • Impact-proof, spray water protected, dust-proof (IP66)
  • Active noise suppression up to 90dB (machine noise is effectively suppressed during ongoing operation)
  • Compatible with your safety equipment

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In addition to SmartVision, you will receive interesting information on our product portfolios and service products. Get to know our new, innovative spare parts order system and of course our Training Academy. Enable the "news" function to make sure that you will never again miss out on any new development. Available from the AppStore or from GooglePlay.

To receive an individual quotation, please call us or contact us via our App.


Digital solutions-
for efficient concrete block manufacturing

With our SmartVision solutions, we provide the next level of support for you.