HESS GROUP is implementing comprehensive measures for environmental protection

October 25, 2021

HESS GROUP, one of the world's leading manufacturers of machinery and equipment for the concrete block industry, is investing in a wide-ranging project to improve the internal standards for enhanced environmental protection. Based on the guiding principle “Corporate Environmental Responsibility”, the Burbach-based company is now implementing a wide array of initiatives, including major building refurbishments with the aim of making production more environmentally friendly in the long term.

The HESS GROUP's environmental protection project is based on three policy pillars: Energy Efficiency; Reduction of CO2 Emissions; and, Waste Reduction. Processes are being digitalized, production facilities modernized, and waste reduced - not the least through internal recycling guidelines. But the company is also investing in more major changes: The buildings at the production site are being extensively and comprehensively modernized. Among other things, the roof areas in Burbach have already been fitted with new thermal insulation, and outdated fluorescent tubes and HQL spots have been replaced with energy-saving LED lamps.  And a large glass entrance front has been extensively renovated to improve its energy quotient.  Overall, modern heating systems and new lighting controls are being introduced to save energy. Extending these new measures to the company car fleet, the focus is now also on environment-friendly mobility through low- and zero-emission vehicles.

"Environmental protection is more relevant than ever before in the concrete industry and we at HESS are also well aware of our responsibility," says Oliver Rauter, Managing Director of HESS GROUP. "As a technology leader in our industry, we pride ourselves  on highly efficient machines and plants and have long been committed to resource-saving manufacturing technologies. With our new initiatives, we want to go one step further and systematically manage all aspects of our business to be even more sustainable in the long term. With the "Corporate Environmental Responsibility" project, we are therefore introducing new guiding principles regarding environmental protection and efficiencies for our company as a whole.

While many actions have already been implemented, ongoing projects are still in the process of being introduced. With the environmental protection project, HESS is making a clear statement for a future of conscious responsibility when it comes to climate protection. 



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