HESS GROUP is one of “Germany’s Top Apprenticeship Companies!”

April 16, 2020

We are delighted to receive the Focus Money Award for being one of the "Best Apprentice Companies in Germany 2020!"  While most of the thanks should be directed to our dedicated Training Team, we are especially proud and grateful for our 25 dedicated Trainee Apprentices whose enthusiasm and commitment made this distinction possible! 

Because of changing manufacturing technologies, entry-level work requires higher skills than ever.  We believe a high-caliber Apprenticeship Program to be critical and essential for the advancement of our company and the important growth of our industry.  We offer a wide range of different specialist courses, and we provide both internal and external workshops on the production process of machine building. A large part of the practical training takes place in the Company's own established training workshop. However, the apprentices are also directly employed in the production hall. This enables them to immediately apply their theoretical knowledge in responsible positions and real-time situations. For all these tasks, three industrial and technical trainers as well as two commercial trainers are available as support contact persons.

Our training managers constantly monitor the learning process and plan meaningful modifications. As Training manager David Harris says: "We are constantly expanding our program. For example, we are currently discussing the establishment of an additional electrical workshop. We support our trainees in preparing them for their exams, and, by providing them timely feedback throughout their apprenticeship. We also stimulate their creativity by offering innovative and exciting project work ".

"After their training, the young skilled workers have good chances of continuing to contribute their knowledge to the company," explained the electrical engineer for industrial engineering and deputy Training manager Tobias Neuser. He himself completed his apprenticeship almost five years ago, also at the HESS GROUP.

Our company is able to offer a wide range of valued apprenticeships, such as: Cutting machine Operator (milling and turning technology); Construction Mechanic (equipment technology); Electronic Technician (operating technology); Mechatronic Technician; Technical Product Designer (machine and plant construction); and, Industrial Salesperson and Specialist for warehouse logistics. All training courses are scheduled for 3 to 3.5 years, depending on the area of operation, and are open to all interested applicants.

This Top Apprenticeship Company distinction is awarded to qualifying companies following an independent study by the Institute for Management and Economic Research. For this purpose, experts examine more than 20,000 companies with specific regard to their quality and safety, as well as the orientation and satisfaction of their employees.   

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