The HESS Training Academy expands its offering

July 27, 2021

Qualified employees are the key to success. That is why HESS has been offering its customers the Training Academy for basic and advanced training since 2016. Now, new intensive training courses, models and test equipment complement the range of courses. 

Checking the system pressure

Increasing productivity, avoiding downtime and reducing set-up times - training and developing employees has many advantages. Since 2016, the HESS GROUP has therefore dedicated itself to the qualification of your customers' employees with the Training Academy. The five-day courses are offered globally, from the USA, Canada, Russia and the Middle East to Australia. The trainers Philipp Anderl, Bastian Eibach, Pavol Dolgos, Markus Groß and Peter Hoffmann are long-standing Hess employees who are experts in their respective fields and pass on both knowledge and experience. Due to the long affiliation with the Hess Group, they know the older machine models just as well as the latest innovations. After the respective courses, the training documents are passed on to the participants in digital form using tablets, so that they have all the information at hand directly at the machine, even after the course.

The courses are continuously being developed and expanded - in terms of content and by investing in models for the simulation and visualisation of machine functions. For example, the training courses “Hydraulics and Mechanics”, “Control” and “Concrete Technology” were supplemented by new test equipment and the previous seminar “Process Engineering and Concrete Technology” was split into two specialised courses. 

Thus, the topics are now divided into the following trainings: 

  • Basic training (incl. safety training)
  • Intensive course hydraulics and mechanics
  • Intensive course control
  • Intensive course process engineering
  • Intensive course concrete technology
Testing of the bladder accumulator for constant performance and safe operation

New hydraulic test bench in the Hydraulics and Mechanics course


Every minute that a machine does not produce in the usual, efficient way is lost money. It is therefore essential to find causes quickly and develop effective solutions. In the intensive training on hydraulics and mechanics, therefore, pump stations, valve stations and hydraulic valves, as well as cylinders and pneumatic systems, among other things, are dealt with in greater depth in order to better understand interrelationships. 
To make the topics even more vivid, the HESS GROUP has now additionally invested in a new hydraulics test stand at the Burbach site. This means that numerous processes can be reproduced even in the Training Academy laboratory, for example the setting of pressure relief and flow control valves - which in turn deepens the understanding of their effect on the speed and force of a hydraulic cylinder. The large practical component of the course not only leads to greater dynamism, but also imparts knowledge in a practical manner so that it can be better applied later on.

New visualizations and augmented reality in the "Control" course


The process visualisation should be mastered by the operator with flying colours. Among other things, that is precisely the goal of the intensive course on controls.
The participants are trained with regard to machine parameterization and learn diagnostic tools using practical examples. The in-depth knowledge of bus systems, electrical components and network systems makes the functionalities and processes clearer, so that error messages can be more easily recognized, analyzed and acknowledged. Instead of frantic searching, participants learn to find targeted solutions. 

Moreover, in the intensive course on the subject of control, the Hess AR glasses are presented, among other things. These smart glasses enable extended support for maintenance and cooperation between machine operator and helpdesk. As if he were on site himself, the Hess Support Hotline employee can analyse the situation and offer possible solutions. Recommendations for action can be communicated by telephone or shown on the display of the glasses. This allows the machine operator to act freely while being instructed.

Introduction to the functionality of the control cabinet

New intensive course on process engineering 


Can you tell from a subtle noise alone that a vibrator segment needs to be replaced? This is not an art, but part of the craft of an experienced process engineer. In the intensive “Process Engineering” training course, participants sharpen their perception and awareness by deepening their knowledge of the principles of the effects of individual machine settings. The intensive course is individually tailored to the customer and takes place on site in order to analyse exactly those processes that are relevant with the material and machines available there. Instead of just teaching theory, the settings can be made directly here. At the same time, the machine settings are directly optimised, for example to achieve better energy efficiency or less wear. 

Extension of the analysis methods in the field of concrete technology


In order to understand the relationships and correlations between the recipe and the everyday manufacturing process, in-depth knowledge of the properties and modes of action of the raw materials is required. The intensive course in concrete technology not only provides the necessary technical knowledge to carry out quality tests independently, but also to subsequently create target concepts for an optimised mix. The training courses are geared to the standards of the respective country because, among other things, the specifications of the European, British and US standards differ.

Aggregate screening

The practice has now been extended by an air void measuring pot with which the air void content of the fresh concrete can be measured directly. Another new product is a bio-water analysis kit, which enables the examination of organic and non-organic components of water. 


Course participants award 4.9 out of 5 stars


With such complex and technically and chemically demanding topics, it is not only important to stay close to the everyday life of the employees, but also to incorporate a lot of practical experience. This not only makes it easier to understand, but also increases the incentive to apply what has been learned in the future. The Hess Training Academy could hardly be in a better position, as the previous participants were very satisfied with the courses they had completed and awarded top marks. 

“The presentation was very good, I learned the reason why it is so important in the concrete industry to have certain parameters to achieve good quality.“ 

“Well done, HESS team! I am very enthusiastic about the content of the training! I learned a lot and benefited from knowledge of the experts. The trainers have practical experience and can give us tips on how to make our work more efficient.“