TOPWERK MIDDLE EAST commissions state-of-the-art concrete and finishing plant RAKNOR

August 2, 2021

In the growing field of precast concrete manufacturing in the Middle East, Raknor's name is well-known as an innovative market leader, manufacturing and supplying pavers, tiles, curbstones, masonry blocks, ready mix concrete, and customized precast solutions. Raknor earned its pioneer place with dedication, innovation, and hard work that was put in over four decades, making them one of the oldest manufacturers in the region. With their raw material drawn from their sister companies, Stevin Rock and Rak Rock, Raknor focused on evolving the production processes by providing the latest technologies available while maintaining the environment with the best sustainable approaches.

Raknor’s vision “To build and maintain our position as a leading supplier of concrete products in the Ras Al Khaimah and beyond and to act as a leader in improving the sustainability in our industry.” Can be witnessed as it is leading the highly advanced and demanding market of U.A.E, both in quantity and quality. This could be achieved by increasing their own expertise and sophistication to get ahead of the market demand.


In 2014 Raknor invested in a new fully automated concrete block machine RH1500-3 MVA with Mac 8 hydraulics and oil bath vibration table technologies and an SM2250/SX500 mixing plant from Hess Group. The complete plant was installed and commissioned in 11 weeks, thanks to the local support by the Raknor team and professional project management. Four years later, in 2018, Raknor approached Hess Group again to develop a concept that can utilize the latest technologies in concrete products production and processing with the local resources and experience to take the Middle East market to the next level with new premium products.


Under the umbrella of Topwerk Group, SR Schindler and Hess Group could present a fully automated and integrated plant, consists of RH 2000-3 MVA, SM3375 with 2x SM400 mixers, advanced multicolor system, shot-blasting, curling, coating and grinding and a fully automatic handling system, that is flexible and allows the production of pavers with the single or combined finish.


In September 2018, the Topwerk Group headquarters was honored by a visit of the senior management of Raknor to discuss the further steps in the project, visited the production halls of Hess Group and some reference plants that produce the targeted quality of products in Germany. The professional approach of Raknor led them to partner with a premium German producer for know-how transfer.

A few weeks later, and after checking different proposals, layouts and options, Raknor finally placed the order with Hess Group and SR Schindler. The plant is unique in the GCC and one of the biggest of its kind in the Gulf region.



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