Batching systems

The range of services offered for Schlosser & Pfeiffer mixing systems includes, apart from the key element of the mixers themselves, all the components required for the handling and storage of raw materials, in any variation.

This is one reason why we can supply, for example, six basic types of bin systems for the separate storage of raw materials – along with dosing devices for different aggregates.

Handling and storage of raw materials in any configuration:

  • Star-type systems
  • Bin systems arranged in rows above ground
  • Bin systems arranged in rows underground
  • Bin towers with and without inclined elevators, etc.
  • Cement storage in steel-plate silos of any specified size

Dosing units are designed for:

  • Volumetric metering
  • Gravimetric metering with automatic “sand/moisture correction” provided by microwave sensors

Cement dosing via:

  • Screw conveyor or cellular dosing unit
  • Extremely accurate electronic scales

Water dosing with:

  • Microwave measurement and temperature monitoring
  • Water weigher for recycled water

Additive dosing provided by:

  • Extremely accurate electronic scales

Color dosing of all types, e.g.:

  • Powder dosing
  • Granulate
  • Slurry
  • Self-liquefaction, etc.

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