Compulsory concrete mixer

Separate drives for perfect mixing results in the nick of time
Mixers of the SM series provide the perfect solution for making concrete types used in the production of paving blocks and kerbstones, hollow blocks and plates, and pipes and manholes as well as precast concrete elements and readymixed
concrete. Thanks to their high mixing intensity, planetary mixers are particularly suitable for the production of concrete types with low water/cement ratios to achieve earth-moist concrete and self-compacting concrete types.

Many companies all over the world use mixers by SCHLOSSERPFEIFFER with great success. Their outstanding characteristics are: a very long service life, a high degree of reliability, excellent mixing performance, and minimum maintenance.

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SM series mixers for simply better mixing results
According to ISO 18650 definitions, mixing results with a variation coefficient of less than 7.5% are considered good. The faster a low coefficient is achieved, the better the mixer. And SM series mixers achieve a coefficient of 1%! Even at very short mixing intervals!

Individual drives - more effi cient energy balance
The tool carrier plate is actuated by the centre drive via the gear mechanism. Depending on mixer size, the gear unit is moved by either one or three main drives. The tool carrier plate carries the eccentrically positioned star drives.

All motors are positioned outside of the mixing chamber and are hence both well-protected and easy to access. High driving reserve capacities, combined with the separate the drives, allow for easy mixer stopping and restarting even while the mixer is full of product.

Special features:

  • The SM mixer is equipped with both a centre drive plus additional
    separate drives for the individual mixing stars.
  • Another of the SM mixer’s unique features are its fast moving, eccentrically positioned mixing tools. The mixing tool system as a whole executes a planet-like rotary motion, hereby forcing the mixture into a homogeneous and uniform batch.

Mixers of the SM series! What do you want more?

  • Simple and easy handling
  • Low maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Very short mixing times providing outstanding stirring and
    mixing results
  • Perfect stirring and mixing even of colour additives
  • Homogenisation of even the tiniest components
  • Effortless restart of the full mixer after shutdown
  • Easy cleaning thanks to large segment door
  • Super fast emptying of vessel thanks to a discharge accelerator
  • Optimized mixing process thanks to variable speeds of the individual drives

Adjustable mixing paddles
The mixer arms are height-adjustable. They are adapted for individual usage and are made of special materials. The more precise the adjustment and fi ne-tuning of the tools, the better the mixing results and the lower the wear and tear. Moreover, precise adjusting protects the drives against impact loads.

Big inspection doors
The mixer is equipped with a tilting cleaning door or shutter for cleaning and maintenance access. It is ample-sized and secured by limit switches.

Wearing protections linings
Upon request, exchangeable wearing linings made of chilled cast-iron tiles; surface-layer welded sandwich-type boards; or a similar material will be used. The type of material ultimately used depends on the consistency of the concrete processed.

All SM mixers can be equipped with up to three separate discharge openings maximum. A discharge accelerator will reduce discharge times by up to 50%.

Concrete and more
SM series mixers are excellent for processing a wide range of different concrete types, including a wide variety of aggregates, dry pigments and materials. But they are equally suitable for mixing a whole range of other materials such as e.g. ceramics, clay, sand-lime brick, slag and fl ue dusts.

SM mixers come standard-equipped with a fully automatic control system. This PC aided control system is responsible for batching the various individual components and creating the desired mixture. Upon request the control system is available with a visualisation, statistics programs, printer, remote maintenance, etc.

Technical data of the SM series:

TypeSM 500-2


SM 1125-2SM 1500-2SM 1875-2SM 2250-2SM 3000-2SM 3750-2
Dry fi llingl5007501125150018752250 30003750
Max. fi lling
kg 8001200180024003000360048006000
volume per batch
m30,375 0,5 0,7511,251,522,5
Main drivekW1118,5/30* 22222222 2 x 223 x 22
No. of mixing
Drive per starkW Nv.Nv.111111111111
accelerator drive
Skip hoist drive


High-speed agitator
Discharge accelerator
Dead weight,
approx. **
**Basic equipment     Right of technical modifi cations reserved

Our machines are developed and designed using state-ofthe-art 3D CAD/CAE systems. The materials and components used in the manufacture of our machines and plants are selected to meet the strictest quality requirements and are quality-checked on a regular basis by in-house quality audits.

Our machine components are manufactured from certifi ed steel qualities, using CNC welding, milling and drilling technologies. The resulting machines and plants are characterised by low manufacturing tolerances and a correspondingly high quality standard.

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Compulsory concrete mixer
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