Tamper head plate with rubberized inserts


  • This prevents the upper mold part from slipping.
  • The service life of the upper and lower mold parts as well as that of the tamper head plate are prolonged.
  • The downtimes caused by repositioning the tamper head are reduced

TBT air filter system for hydraulic tanks


  • Two separate chambers filled with desiccants (two-step dehydration).
  • The ingression of dirt particles and moisture is effectively prevented by the filter cartridge.
  • Reliable and comfortable display of the pending filter replacement.
  • Moist air is guided directly from the tank to the exterior. This prolongs the service life of the cartridge.

Silo flap with filling tongues


  • The different filling tongues can be adjusted individually.
  • Adjustable material filling in the filler box transverse to the production direction to compensate the effect of the cone-shaped pile.
  • Improvement of the product quality by a more evenly distributed filling of the mold.

Core concrete filling car

Coarse mix filler box with adjustable rear wall, pneumatic scraper and divided agitator for manufacture of concrete elements.


Thanks to the adjustable rear wall, the filler box can be adjusted to the filling area of the mold.The simplified height adjustment of the filler box reduces material loss during production.
By means of 4 spring clamping elements, the filler box can be adjusted in such a way that a defined gap can be implemented between the lower edge of the filler box case and the table plate.
The wide wear ledges at the bottom of the filler box case reduce material loss during production and minimize wear.

Colormix with drawing plate

For the production of tricolor-paving stones, consisting of a silo attachment and a drawplate aligned between the silo attachment and silo. The geared motor and gear rack electrically drive the drawplate..

Several smaller mixtures of different colors are placed on the closed drawplate. To create different color nuances, the drawplate retracts cyclically in adjustable steps.

Conversion kit pneumatic mould clamping RH 1500/RH 1500-2 - RH 2000-2

Upgrading kit for replacing the column-guided mold clamping with a tilting lever clamp.
The low-wear tilt lever clamp can be more precisely adjusted and thus, it is excellent for the production of higher-grade concrete elements.

Conversion kit oil bath vibrator

With this system, the vibrator shafts are stored in individually enclosed vibrating units.

The oil bath vibrator consists of 4 vibrator units that are integrated into a vibrating table. Each vibrating table consists of one closed housing with a vibrator shaft. The housing is sealed to protect against dirt and dust using a shaft seal. A high-performance oil is inside the housing that continuously lubricates the vibrator shaft gears in every operating situation. The rotation of the vibrator shafts generates the lubrication of each gear.


  • In comparison to the conventional grease lubricated system, the service life of the vibrator shaft gears is significantly longer.
  • The use of high-performance oil provides extremely long oil change intervals.
  • The special sealing of the housing reliably prevents the ingress of foreign objects that could damage the bearings
  • Significantly less heating-up of the vibrating table prolonging the service life and the dimensional stability of the heat-sensitive rubber buffers.

Concrete filling wagon with smoothing roller and pneumatic scraper

Filler box with driven planing roller and pneumatic scraper for manufacturing concrete elements with a face mix concrete layer.


  • Planing roller drive through the speed-controlled geared motor by using a generously dimensioned chain drive.
  • Controllable speed of the planing roller that independent from the traveling movement
  • Self-cleaning of the planing roller through a separate scraper system
  • Pneumatic scraper for preventing dirt ingress in the face mix concrete during travel
  • Separate height adjustment from the filler box
  • Separate adjustable contact pressure from the planing roller and filler box
  • Separate height adjustment of the planing roller
  • Separate height adjustment of the replaceable lateral filler box scraper bars
  • Additional option of fitting with hydraulically driven tamper head brush


For the production of paving stones, the planing roller offers more advantages compared to the production using a conventional scraper frame:

  • Production with significantly moister face mix concrete mixtures is possible
  • enhanced color intensity, a significantly smoother product surface resulting in improved bonding between the coarse and face mix concrete.
  • shorter cycle times and higher quality, particularly with large-sized paving and slab products, since even filling without several pendulum movements of the filler box is possible. This also applies to molds that produce ready to be laid paving stones in different sizes
  • Reliable cleaning of sturdy structured tamper head stamping plates when equipped with rotating tamper head brush.

Wedge adjustment vibrating table RH 1000 - RH 2000

Retrofit kit for replacing the WASI elements for the impact bar adjustment with the adjustment elements using the latest technology.
Compared to the old version, the adjustment of the impact bars can be performed with substantial time savings.
Also, the wedge elements that we developed, compared to the WASI elements, are wear-free and, when used correctly, no longer need to be renewed.

Retrofit kit for rotating loading brush for filling wagon

Retrofit kit for installing a hydraulically driven rotating tamper head brush to the coarse mix concrete filler box.
The rotating tamper head brush significantly improves the cleaning process for the tamper head plates reducing the adhesion tendency when processing complicated face mix concretes.

Conversions and retrofits

  • Tamper head vacuum generator
  • Eco mode hydraulics
  • Mold panel, height adjustable, with or without pneumatic scraper planing roller
  • Main and secondary grippers have separate controls
  • Hydraulic lift feed frame F-mix
  • Master recipe management
  • Retrofit finger cart system travel distance extension, additional chambers
  • Retrofit hydraulic curb flaps
  • Retrofit additional software functions
  • Pneumatic scraper
  • Transverse scraper
  • silo knocker
  • styrofoam inserts
  • Separation plate for double silo and single flap operation
  • Conversion of pressure build-up old MVA to mechanical valve
  • Conversion to KP or KPT Panel
  • Conversion 2-part to 1-part vibrating table
  • Conversion Variotronic
  • Conversion kit Cross transport controlled latch
  • Conversion kit to prop. Pressure adjustment for HG+NG separate
  • VPN-Router
  • Draw plate retrofitting
  • Additional function Comparable recipe data