Optimized retrofits due to continuous development

Tamper head plate with rubberized insert


  • This prevents the upper mold part from slipping.

    • The service life of the upper and lower mold parts as well as that of the load plate are prolonged.
    • The down times caused by repositioning the load are reduced.

TBD air filter system for hydraulic tanks


  • Two separate chambers filled with desiccants (two-step dehydration).

    • The ingression of dirt particles and moisture is effectively prevented by the filter cartridge.
    • Reliable and comfortable display of the pending filter replacement.
    • Moist air is guided directly from the tank to the exterior.
    • This prolongs the service life of the cartridge.

Silo door with filling tongue


  • The different filling tongues can be adjusted individually.

    • Adjustable material filling in the charging carriage transverse to the production direction to compensate the effect of the heaped cone.
    • Improvement of the product quality by a more evenly distributed filling of the mold.

More modifications and upgrades:

  • Additional function comparable recipe data 
  • Colormix 
  • Draw plate upgrade 
  • Eco mode hydraulics 
  • Hydr. lift charging frame face mix 
  • Main and auxilary grippers have separate controls 
  • Master recipe administration 
  • Mould extension console, adjustable height, with/wit¬hout pneumatic scraper 
  • New model course mix filling cart 
  • Oil bath vibrator 
  • Planing roller 
  • Pneumatic mould clamping (lever system) 
  • Pneumatic scraper 
  • Rotating filler box brush 
  • Separating sheet for double silo and single door operation 
  • Silo door with filling tongue 
  • Silo knocker 
  • Styrofoam insert 
  • Tamper head plate with anti-slip strips 
  • TDB air filter system for hydraulic tanks 
  • Tamper head vacuum generator 
  • Transverse scraper 
  • Upgrade of additional software functions 
  • Upgrade of hydr. curb flaps 
  • Upgrade of vehicle distance extension, additional chambers 
  • Upgrading 2-piece vibrating table to 1-piece vibrating table 
  • Upgrading kit for prop. pressure regulation, separate for HG+NG 
  • Upgrading kit for transverse transport, controlled latch 
  • Upgrading of covering layer of concrete 
  • Upgrading pressure build-up of old MVA to a mechani¬cal valve 
  • Upgrading to KP or KPT panel 
  • Upgrading Variotronic 
  • VPN Router 
  • ….

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