April 1, 2021

As part of its global growth strategy, the TOPWERK GROUP is expanding its branch located in the Russian and CIS markets. HESS TULA, which has long represented the HESS GROUP in Russia / CIS, will now become TOPWERK RUS, providing a local platform for the Group's other product houses.

HESS TULA has been a valued partner with our customers in Russia for many years, and this relationship will continue with strong support for all HESS customers. With the enlargement of HESS TULA to the expanded platform of TOPWERK RUS, the company will now also represent the other member companies of the Group throughout the Russian market and CIS in addition to HESS equipment technologly. This will not only strengthen our Group’s current position in this market, but also open up additional market segments while providing a broader range of products for our customers. Our main focus is to improve customer proximity by establishing a stronger local presence.

Alexander Sigalov, Managing Director at HESS TULA, sees the great potential of the innovations: "I am pleased that we can build on our well-known and established HESS TULA brand and provide our customers with an even more comprehensive service through the merger. We are already working closely with the rest of the product houses and are already benefiting from the increased services we can offer. TOPWERK RUS offers better opportunities for us to both retain our customer base while attracting new customers in new market segments.

According to Robert Gruss, CEO of the TOPWERK GROUP, the restructuring of HESS TULA to TOPWERK RUS is the logical step in the global growth strategy: "The Russian / CIS market has always been extremely important for us and we are closely monitoring further developments. Therefore, it is important that we strategically develop this very relevant area. The broader set-up will enable us to competently represent not only HESS, but all our product houses. For this reason, we are also continuing to invest in our local organization in Tula and are equipping our production with expanded machine capacities at the beginning of 2021."


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