TOPWERK GROUP implements comprehensive measures for environmental protection

October 25, 2021

TOPWERK GROUP, the world's leading manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the concrete industry, is currently carrying out a wide-ranging environmental protection project: under the motto "Corporate Environmental Responsibility", the group is implementing a variety of measures, including extensive building renovations. The aim is to make production at the German production sites in Burbach, Andernach and Porta Westfalica more environmentally friendly in the long term. 

The TOPWERK GROUP's environmental protection project is based on three policy pillars: Energy Efficiency, Reducing CO2 Emissions and Waste Reduction. Processes are being digitalized, production facilities modernized, and waste reduced – not the least through new recycling guidelines. But the company is also investing in more major changes: Some of the buildings at the production sites are undergoing extensive refurbishment: for example, the roof surfaces in Burbach have already been fitted with new thermal insulation, the hall roofs in Andernach have been equipped with photovoltaic systems, and the wall surfaces of the main building in Porta Westfalica have been insulated on the outside. In addition, new heating systems and new lighting controls are being introduced across all sites to save energy.

The Group is also aware of its responsibility regarding environmental protection and relies on highly efficient machinery and equipment and stands for resource-saving production. With the initiative in "Corporate Environmental Responsibility", the TOPWERK GROUP is going one step further to make the company even more sustainable systematically and in the long term.

Most of the new measures have been defined for all locations, such as uniform company car regulations for the entire group of companies. The focus is now on environmentally friendly mobility through low- and zero-emission vehicles. While some measures have already been implemented, others are still in progress. Among other things, a further photovoltaic system is planned at the Porta Westfalica site. With this environmental protection project, TOPWERK is sending a clear signal for the future and conscious responsibility in climate protection.



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