econorm plus® – Manhole system with future

The quality standard for the future

PRINZING has developed the manhole further. Based on the PRINZING patented econorm® gasket – an integrated gasket with load compensation attributes – PRINZING built a manhole system which is also accepted as an European PAS-Standard.

A system with future
At the installation the manhole sinks safely by its own weight in the smooth and stable, not resilient filling of the gasket.

econorm plus® – overall advantages

  • ready for installation and infinitely adjustable
  • precise and problem-free regardless the weather
  • remote controlled adjusting without taking off the cover every time
  • small outer diameter
  • integrated econorm® gasket
  • better load distribution by sand filled gasket
  • seats, suits, supports and seals very well.
  • errors are eliminated by the integrated econorm® gasket element
  • 150 mm wall thickness
  • exact dimensions
  • cone heights 350, 600, 850 and 1100 mm available
  • combination of various manhole elements
  • system is defined in the Standard PAS 1004

Die Details im System

  • Einfaches Fügen
  • Zerstörungsfreie Austauschbarkeit
  • Exakt platziertes Dichtelement
  • Dauerhafte Dichtwirkung durch 2 große Dichtflächen
  • Gleichmäßige Lastübertragung und permanente Anpassungsfähigkeit durch nichtfederndes Sandbett
  • Horizontale und vertikale Kraftübertragung ohne Punktlasten

Detailled view of the system

  • simple joining
  • nondestructive interchangeability   
  • correctly placed gasket element   
  • permanent gasket effect by twin large gasket surfaces
  • uniform load compensation and permanent adaptability by non resilient sand bedding
  • horizontal and vertical load transmission with distributed loads

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Further information: (look for PAS 1004)

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