The ATLAS is a modular system that combines the individual segments and provides flexibility and versatility for your production needs.

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The stationary automatic BLIZZARD production equipment is designed around a rotating tilt table station for the manufacturing of a wide range of products.

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The versatile MISTRAL machine is designed for the production of pipes, manhole units, rectangular and square boxes.

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The benchmark PRIMUSS innovation integrates the highest level of automation and control technology

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Radialpress RP

The RADIAL PRESS RP stands for the state of the art technology associated with high performance manufacturing machine systems

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The TORNADO machine is established with a solid reputation as a proven and reliable production system for concrete manholes, pipes and similar products.

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VARIANT production is a high level efficient process for a combination of products that need to be produced in large numbers

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The ZELUS is fully automated having a high degree of efficiency allowing a closed cycle carousel for a wide range of precast and wet cast products.

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Products for the fresh water supply

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Pressure pipes

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