ATF invests in the manhole machine “Tornado” with universal handling

October 8, 2020

At ATF in Leopoldshagen, the "Tornado" concrete pipe and manhole machine demonstrates, quality, quantity and flexibility can be combined in one machine concept. The system with universal handling produces manhole covers in many different variations using the same handling components. Together with the well-trained and motivated team, ATF is seamlessly prepared for the future.

The company ATF (Abwassertechnik, Terrazzo und Fertigteil GmbH) stands for variety and fast response times. It is located in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, directly on the Stettiner Haff, and is one of the largest employers in the region. The economically independent company supplies traders and companies with wastewater systems and precast concrete parts from Rügen to southern Berlin. Now ATF has invested in a new production plant for manhole elements. The company decided on the "Tornado" machine from PRINZING PFEIFFER. The choice was based on the quality of the machine as well as the experience and tradition of the mechanical engineering company.

The bestseller "Tornado"
The "Tornado" from PRINZING PFEIFFER is still a bestseller and has been convincing customers worldwide for over 40 years. The product range of the production plant currently includes manhole rings, manhole cones and manhole covers. The machine offers efficient cycle and product changeover times in the production of the various product types, which is why ATF is well prepared for future market requirements.

Over the years, the main components of the machine have essentially been retained and further developed with production and maintenance-efficient solutions. The machine is open from three sides and offers many options for add-on devices and automated handling components, such as a bottom-socket feeder, a stirrup magazine or product converter. The new "Tornado" at ATF is designed in such a way that the bottom sleeves are automatically fed into the production cycle from two stacking magazines by a bottom pallet insertion robot. The upward moving segment allows the riser elements to be inserted above the pit in a user-friendly manner.

Universal handling of the manhole machine
The ATF company benefits, in addition to cost and time savings and significantly improved working conditions for the machine operator, from the production of two different products on only one machine. New at ATF is the universal production of reinforced manhole covers: The same machine and the same handling components are used to produce manhole covers in many different variations. The bottom pallet inserter is converted into a discharge unit by adding a special gripper. The manhole covers are stacked on pallets next to the machine without bottom pallets, i.e. fresh on fresh. This has made it possible to produce two completely different products with one machine.



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