The Bavarian concrete plant Kühne invests in the Variant 2000 C from PRINZING PFEIFFER for its 60th anniversary

June 4, 2020

Betonwerk Kühne has been a genuine family business since 1958 and sells around 75,000 precast concrete elements annually. For the 60th anniversary, the former plant to produce shaft rings and shaft cones was replaced by the new Variant 2000 C from PRINZING PFEIFFER.

From company founder Karl Kühne, over his son, up to the grandchild: The Betonwerk Kühne has been family-run since 1958. Since 2002 the son of the founder Michael Kühne, the daughter Angelika Knill and the son-in-law Gerhard Knill have been running the company. The grandchild Daniela Lang and her husband Alexander Lang also work in the company. Since 1964 the production hall has been in the peaceful town of Geretsried, 40 kilometers from Munich. The concrete factory Kühne GmbH & Co. KG produces reinforced concrete and concrete rings, shaft cones, base support rings, equalizing rings, rainwater tanks, small sewage treatment plants and separators. The production is carried out by automatic and semi-automatic machines.

Continuation of a long cooperation with PRINZING PFEIFFER

So far, shaft rings and cones with nominal values over 1,000 mm have been produced with a PFEIFFER VRF 1200. This machine has been in use for over 50 years and has performed reliably until the very last day. Therefore, Kühne was immediately convinced to continue the long-standing cooperation with PRINZING PFEIFFER. During the 60th anniversary celebration the new machine was inaugurated: the Variant 2000 C. It was integrated with a manageable budget and ideally adapted to the production requirements and manufacturing conditions at Kühne.

The Variant 2000 C for manhole ring and cone production

The Variant 2000 C production line was configured according to the same principles as the existing Kühne machine: Medium quantities with nominal values of up to 2,000 mm are produced and transported in the mould shell to the setting station. The swiveling gap feeder fills the mould with concrete and compaction is then carried out by a central vibrator above which the mould core is placed. The swing-in press portal presses in the upper area and forms the spigot end. Remote access to the Siemens control system via modem is of course possible. Finally, the system is characterized by short changeover and cleaning times.

After 50 years of reliability of the PFEIFFER VRF 1200, the Bavarian company is looking forward to the next decades with the new Variant 2000 C. PRINZING PFEIFFER congratulates on the 60th anniversary of the company and is also pleased about the continuation of the long-standing cooperation.

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