The Vibro-Compaction and Pressing Process

PRINZING was involved in the development of the vibro-compaction method for the concrete precast concrete industry.

PRINZING has continuously developed the vibro-compaction process for their own machine programme which can be adjusted to suit different concrete elements.

  • GEBA-process (the concrete precast parts are produced to the exact length)
  • automatic length process (method for the infinitely variable length adjustment)
  • automatic production for manhole base units with precise spigot-ends by curing onto the spigot-end
  • OPTIMA-process for the production of pipes and manhole elements with exact joints, tolerance ± 0,5 mm
  • automatic cast-in-place of step elements in any design
  • efficient production of manhole elements with integral concrete step ladder (CONSTEP)
  • automatic feeding and cast-in of integral gaskets
  • efficient vibro-compaction and pressing process integrated in tilting table machines (BLIZZARD)

The advantages of the Vibro-Compaction and Pressing Process

  • fast and homogenous compaction by vibration and additional hydraulic pressing power    
  • low water to cement ratio and therefore higher strength of the concrete parts
  • short cycle times by fast compaction process and direct demoulding    
  • various forming possibilities for small and large size products
  • efficient production of all requirements up to a fully automatic production system

Function of the Vibro-Compaction and Pressing Process

Clear explanation on the example of the MISTRAL pipe and manhole machine

Click by itself:

Clear explanation on the example of the MISTRAL pipe and manhole machine

The mould equipment is filled by vibration simultaneously to its compaction

The spigot-end is formed by hydraulic pressing.

The finished product is demoulded directly within the machine.

The ejection and transport of the finished product is carried out on a steel pallet.

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