Flexible production system

The flexible production system ATLAS is a modular designed system comprising of different single components, as feeding unit, compaction unit, pressing and transport system. The control of the plant can be designed for the manual operation or alternatively for the program controlled (semi-automatic) process.

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Use the ATLAS for the production of:

  • road and street gullies
  • pipes from i. d. 150 mm to 3000 mm
  • manholes
  • cones
  • manhole base units
  • septic tanks and cisterns
  • square elements

Capacity data

  • product dimensions from 150 mm to 3600 mm
    max.diameter and length from 250 mm to 3500 mm
  • product weight from 50 kg to 25.000 kg max.
  • cycle times from 3 to 25 min.

overall advantages

  • modular machine concept
  • high flexibility
  • operation with 1 – 4 stations
  • to suit specific combination of the machine components
  • ergonomic arrangement of mould equipment
  • attractive price-efficiency relation by small and medium production numbers
  • low investment costs
  • Use of proven components from our fully automatic production systems

By the graduated construction of the modular extension of single components it is possible to offer for every case a solution according to the client's requirements. The range of concrete elements, which can be produced with the different conceptions of the ATLAS, is therefore vast.

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Schematische Darstellung der Behälterproduktion

Schematic view of tank production

  1. central vibrator
  2. automatic feeding
  3. turning device
  4. presshead (stationary)     
  5. mould equipment
Schematische Darstellung der Rohrproduktion

Schematic view of pipe production

  1. gap feeding
  2. concrete hopper
  3. central vibrator
  4. lifting cross with press
  5. vibrator underframe
  6. finished product in outer mould
Schematische Darstellung der Schachtproduktion

Schematic view of manhole production

  1. conveyor feeding
  2. concrete hopper
  3. compaction unit
  4. lifting cross with press
  5. hydraulic pump
  6. mould core
  7. presshead

Photo gallery


Product Gallery

drainage pipes
septic tanks
three chamber rings
three chamber base units
tank cones
rain water tanks
concrete tanks(square/rectangular)
road barriers
tank rings
drainage rings
square manhole base units
square cones
manhole base units
shaft pipes
concrete pipes
egg-shaped pipes
rocker pipes
large size pipes
modul ovoid pipes
prebed pipes
square manholes
box culverts

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