Fully automatic tilting table machine

The BLIZZARD is a tilting table machine for the stationary production of different products. Due to the turning process products, which previously have been generally produced manually on vibration stations or in wet-cast moulds can be produced automatically and inexpensively. 

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The BLIZZARD offers high efficiency in the production of:

  • drain channels
  • cable channels
  • cover slabs
  • frame elements
  • pot elements
  • manhole base units 

    Capacity data - exemplary

    • max. product dimensions up to 1500 x 1500 x 1400 mm
    • product weight up to 2000 kg
    • cycle times between 1,5 and 4 minutes

    overall advantages

    • automatic machine for the upside-down production of concrete elements
    • one-man-operation for the complete plant incl. automatic rack system for curing and integrated packing device
    • to change products only the mould equipment has to be exchanged, no further adjustment and set-up time is necessary
    • time for mould-exchange between 10 and 15 minutes
    • hydraulic mould clamping system
    • less annoyance by noise protected production
    • high productivity by upside-down production and demoulding directly onto steel pallet
    • good product tolerances by the use of steel paletts
    • paletts are not in the contact during vibration
    • small area required for a well thought out crane and storage rack concept (European Patent)

    The BLIZZARD machine can be supplemented by special handling systems for curing and palettising, which operate automatically.

    Detailed information can be found here:

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    Schematic view

    1. production site
    2. material hopper
    3. demoulding site
    4. conveyor for fresh products
    5. storage system    
    6. crane robot
    7. conveyor for cured products
    8. palletizing of cured products
    9. stacking robot   
    10. pallet cleaning and oiling system
    11. transportation / removing of cured products

    Photo gallery

    manhole cover slabs
    lawn stones
    cellar wing walls
    window frames
    concrete sleepers
    cable distribution boxes
    cabel channel covers
    cable channels
    square steps
    drainage channles
    roof drainage shafts France
    concrete paving slabs
    street gullies Netherlands
    cover slabs square
    manhole cover frames
    seating rings
    covers for cable ducts

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