Automatic concrete pipe and manhole machine

The production of pipes and manhole products with the same machine offers the precast concrete producer the ability to have flexible production. The Mistral offering this possibility and can also be used purely for only one of these product lines. Alternatively it is possible to produce a lot of other products with the Mistral.

The MISTRAL is an automatic production plant for the production of

  • reinforced and unreinforced pipes
  • manholes
  • shaft pipes with and without integrated cone
  • cones
  • palisades
  • small size pipes
  • square elements
  • manhole base units
  • reinforced and unreinforced rocker pipes

Capacity data

    • max. product dimensions from 150 - 2000 mm and length from 250 mm - 2500 mm
    • max. product weight from 50 kg - 5000 kg
    • cycle times between 3 and 6 minutes

    Overall advantages

    • flexible, automatic machine for the production of pipes, manhole elements and rectangular elements
    • exact length by patented GEBA-process
    • hydraulic outer mould and mould core clamping
    • short mould exchange times enable an efficient production with often dimensional changes
    • infinitely adjustable height automatic for a variable production of shaft pipes and manhole base units
    • tamper vibration for exact forming of the spigot-end
    • system Optima for exact forming of the spigot-end
    • high capacity with excellent quality
    • high capacity central vibrator, in normal case one vibrator for all inner diameters
    • automatic demoulding in the machine
    • less noise annoyance by production below ground
    • accessible from three sides, so optimal supplement possibilities for the modular PRINZING-automatization systems

    The production is executed noise protected below ground.
    The demoulding is carried out in the machine, the transport with electric transport car or automatically with a crane robot.

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    manhole cover frames
    manhole base units
    square cover slabs
    rectangular manhole base units
    rectangular cones
    rectangular manholes
    prebed pipes
    module ovoid pipes
    rocker pipes
    egg-shaped pipes
    concrete pipes
    shaft pipes
    road gullies

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