Production of monolithic manhole bases with varying channels

The PRIMUSS features a high degree of automation, allowing the number of operating staff required for the production of manhole bases with varying channels to be greatly reduced. The monolithic PRIMUSS produced manhole base fulfils the high demand regarding dimensional accuracy, function and long life service. The innovation also achieves current demands in relationship to sustainability.

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The PRIMUSS offers high efficiency in the production of

  • cylindrical manhole bases with varying channels and connections
  • square manhole bases with varying channels and connections


  • max. Produktdimensionen von 600 - 1500 mm
  • Baulängen von 250 mm - 1500 mm
  • max. Produktgewicht 5000 kg
  • Taktzeiten 5 - 25 Min.

Overall advantages

  • With the PRIMUSS production method the program controlled manufacture of channels with the required inlet and outlets at different heights and diameters for any pipe connection is automatic, geometrically optimised and dimensionally accurate.    
  • Mould costs are reduced as a result of early demoulding and short lead times.
  • The tool costs and power consumption of the milling robot are low, as the concrete is still part cured.
  • No mould parts and formers are required for the channels and connections, just the milling robot with the appropriate software.
  • The method is suitable for manholes in nominal widths and diameters 1,000, 1,200 and 1,500 mm
  • The residual concrete is recycled.
  • Labour costs and costs for the manufacture of the PRIMUS manhole bases are reduced considerably
  • The required area for the installation of the plant is small.          
  • The manhole bases are produced monolithically from highly-compacted fine-grained concrete.
  • Dimensionally exact manhole bases are formed due to partial curing in the mould.
  • The Channels are designed for optimum flow.
  • PRIMUSS manhole bases are made from concrete with high strength and low water-cement ratio (C 40/50] or from high strength concrete (C 60/75).
  • PRIMUS manhole bases are exemplary regarding the environment. No plastic liners or waste materials are used.
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