Concrete pipe machine Radialpress RP

The Radialpress RP is the speedy high-Performance machine for manufacturing concrete pipes with Diameters of max. 2500 mm and lengths up to 6000 mm.

Advantages of the Radialpress RP

  • Rotating pressing tool consisting of Distributor head and pressing head which counter-rotate to ensure a Tension-free compaction
  • two moulds and turntable guarantee short cycle times
  • Separation of production and demoulding
  • high Level of reliability at Minimum wear
  • low noise Level thanks to the proprietary compacting method used (radial press method)
  • high hydraulic Input power for superior Quality even of sophisticated products such as e.g. jacking pipes, thick-walled pipes or double-reinforced pipes
  • High production Output
  • Ease of Operation and maintenance
  • Fully automated pipe production
  • Tension-free embedding of steel reinforcements
  • low energy consumption

The Radialpress RP provides highest Efficiency for the production of:

  • jacking pipes
  • interjack lead pipe stations
  • Drainage pipes
  • manhole rings
  • Adapter pipes
  • pre-bed pipes

Technical data

  • product dimensions: max. outside-diameter 2500 mm, min. inside-diameter 250 mm
  • lengths: max. 6000 mm
  • product weight: max. 100 - 10000 kg
  • cycle times: 1 - 4,5 Min.
Further information:

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Schematic setup of the Radialpress RP 1625

1. Turntable
2. Work bench
3. Concrete storage silo
4. Main shaft
5. Drive unit
6. Socket compactor
7. Mould attachment
8. Main machine frame
9. Pressing tool

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