Automatic wet-cast plant for concrete elements

The production cycle with the ZELUS is a closed cycle. A crane robot manages automatically within an 8-hour-shift up to 130 battery moulds with dimensions up to 6000 x 1400 x 1200 mm and feeds the single working positions as feeding unit, filling unit or demoulding device with them and takes them out of the mould storage for re-filling.

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Overall advantages

  • fully automatic production line for working with self compacting concrete (SCC)   
  • fully automatic filling of moulds for all product shapes   
  • exact dosing / mould filling
  • (filled height tolerance +/- 1,0 mm
  • automatic mould storage for up to 130 different battery moulds
  • production on request by excluding invidual moulds

By use of self compated concrete (SCC) it is possible to produce different products with the unique ZELUS

  • sills
  • wall caps
  • paving slabs
  • fence posts
  • kerbstones
  • panels, gravel boards
  • road barriers
  • U-channels
  • cellar wing walls

Capacity data

  • max. product dimensions 1000 x 6000 x 1000 mm
  • max. product weight from 1kg - 5000 kg
  • cycle times between 3 and 5 minutes
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Schematic view

  1. mould preparation / cleaning
  2. filling position
  3. control position
  4. mould collection position
  5. demoulding position
  6. curing and mould storage    
  7. buffer conveyor
  8. crane robot
  9. dispensing distribution

Photo gallery

Product gallery

drainage channels
retaining wall elements
paving slabs
road barriers
concrete fence elements
wall caps
fence posts
pier caps
cellar wing walls
concrete sleepers
wall elements
retaining walls
square steps
cattle slats
concrete fences
panels, gravel boards
duct covers

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