Dry-Cast Mould Equipment

In 1907 PRINZING started with the manufacturing of concrete mould equipment. Thus from this long experience our customers benefit. High quality concrete products together with long service life of the mould equipment are our targets.

We achieve this by our know-how and by an optimal suitable conctruction of the mould equipment for the product being produced and by the long-standing experience of our staff in our mould making department.

Mould equipment for machines
The mouldage has been developed and well-tried (especially for our plants). By the use of CAD all mould equipment is customized, developed and drawn. Guaranteed advice and service is also available long term.

Special mould equipment
Upon customers requests we build mould equipment according their product drawings.

Mould equipment for machines from other manufacturers

Also for these machines we construct and build mould equipment with consideration of the specific particularities of the original. 

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Product gallery

slotted drain pipes
square cones
rectangular manholes
prebed pipes
drainage kerbstones
rectangular manhole base units
egg-shaped concrete pipes
concrete pipes
manhole base units
box culverts
drainage rings
road gullies England
street gullies
tank cones
tank rings
three chamber rings
manhole shafts
module ovoid pipes
rocker pipes
square steps
drainage channels
roof drainage shafts France
street gullies Holland
street gullies
cover slabs square
manhole cover frames
seating rings
cable channels
concrete slabs
lawn stones
cellar wing walls
window frames
concrete sleepers
cable distribution boxes
cable channel covers
manhole cover slabs

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