Innovative manufacturing and finishing lines and high-performance transport and handling systems are essential.



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Customer benefits

  • Cost saving through high degree of automation and low personnel costs
  • Greater profit margin through higher productivity and increased efficiency
  • Complete solutions from a single source; No interface problem by different suppliers

In order to be able to design the production and value adding process of concrete products efficiently and economically,
not only innovative production and value adding lines but also efficient transport and handling systems are required. We offer a comprehensive program of efficient and proven solutions. Fully automated handling systems, which are optimally adapted to customer needs, are becoming increasingly important for the productivity.


  • Roller conveyors
  • V-belt conveyors
  • Accumulation chain conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Special conveyors
  • Layer pushers • Cubers
  • Drum turning devices
  • Star-shaped turning devices
  • Angular transfer devices
  • Curved roller conveyors
  • Empty pallet magazine
  • Robots
  • Second and third quality sorting
  • Heavy duty roller, chain and lamella conveyors

Concrete block refinement 
creates room for creativity

The demand for diverse shapes and sophisticated surface designs, such as natural-looking stone surfaces, is constantly increasing.