bushhammering and antiquing

MEGA 6000 Bushhammerung and Antiquing: 1 + 1 = 3

Bush hammering is the best way to expose the natural beauty of the aggregate grain in concrete.

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  • When bushhammering chamfered pavers, the chamfer remains, and so a noble joint appearance is to be seen
  • Anitquing, the combination bushhammer and sharp edged paver creates
  • The treatment of non-chamfered pavers by spherical hammers can be compared with drum rumbling

MEGA 6000

  • standalone or as a by-pass belt machine with 6 or 12 quick exchange beams (up to 1400m²/8h output)
  • integrated in the pallet circulation system for the treatment of the surface layer-wise
  • layer heads dependent on the stone shape for breaking the edges, integrated in the pallet circulation system (cycle time up to 15 sec)

Advantages compared with drum rumbling

  • face mix always up
  • laying patterns are maintained
  • low-cost automatic laying possible
  • stable pavement guaranteed, because underside and edges are not distressed

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Tumble Master

Paving Stone treatment Systems

In a very short period of time, the Thumble-Master, an invention of the HESS-GROUP, has established itself on the North American Market. This is a system for artificial aging, or antiquing of concrete stones. The specifics of the system are, that the edges of the stones are broken individually without disturbing the layer. The advantage over drum tumbling ist, that a layer with different size stones, can be packaged after the process exactly the same as before. The treatment for each edge can be adjusted seperately. The individual layers are pushed over adjustable slanted plantes. Above these transports in each treatment station, are chain spindles equipped with different size chains.

The Thumble-Master can create different appearances fo the edges. The advantage is that the rest of the surface is not damaged and high quality surface material can be used. All adjustable parameters can be saved in an database and can be called up for different products at any time. It is optional to treat both sides fo the stone.

Product can be treated from a product heigth of 60 - 125 mm and a stone size up to 50 x 100 mm. The cycletime to treat a complete layer is approx. 12 seconds, which means, this is not only for offline operation, it can also be used inline.

Tumble Master TP 4
Automatic system for artificial tumble of paving stones with a thickness of 60-125 mm incl. stacking of ready stones. Individual programming possibilities for frequency controlled drives to reach the best surface look.

Capacity (8 h) about 1000-1300 qm (10.000-13.000 sqft) both sides treated or 2000-2500 qm (20.000-25.000 sqft) one side treated (surface only).

Tumble Master  TP 8
The ultimate high capacity tumble line for paver treatment (60-125mm). The new innovation is able to treat pavers on both sides with a cycle time of about 10 seconds per layer (1,0-1,3 qm/10-13 sqft). The result is a daily capacity (8h) of about  2500 qm (25.000 sqft).- individual adjustment for the required look

  • automatic adjustment for stone shapes or heights in less than 3 minutes
  • stone pattern for mechanical installation remains as per mould layout
  • limited wear, low noise level, low dust
  • cube layer configuration = mould configuration

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