Process control and plant automation


The entire production process is controlled by modern automation systems designed by HESS AAC SYSTEMS on the basis of Siemens TIA Portal control system, using standard components that are available world-wide. User-friendly, multi-lingual operator interfaces with touchscreen monitors allow easy and understandable operation. The HESS AAC SYSTEMS remote diagnostics do not only allow access for on-line support but are supported with modern Industry 4.0 technology. Cloud based data collection technologies allow the user to be in control over the production process on-line with a wide range of diagnostics available at hand wherever desired.

Process know-how

HESS AAC SYSTEMS has a modern laboratory, equipped with all necessary equipment and apparatus to perform vital raw material tests. Not only the raw material characteristics are checked, but also small scale AAC production is possible, allowing HESS AAC SYSTEMS to gain important information on raw material production behaviour and fnal product quality, to ensure trouble free putting into commercial operation of the plant after a green field installation or major modifcation.

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