Aerated concrete production process

A ball mill wet-grinds the quartz sand with water to a sand slurry.

The mould consists of four fxed sides and one detachable platform.

HESS AAC SYSTEMS plants are ideal for the production of large format reinforced assembly components.

The tilting manipulator tilts the mould by 90°.

The cake is cut with high-precision cutting machines.

The HESS AAC SYSTEMS plants have combined the advantages of the tilt-cake and flat-cake system.

In the autoclaves the cakes are cured for ca. 10–12 hours at a temperature of 190° C with saturated steam at a pressure of 12 bar.

After the autoclaving is completed, the cakes are destacked and un-loaded from the cooking frames.

The entire production process is controlled by modern automation systems…