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Handling systems


HESS GROUP transfer and handling systems

HESS GROUP supports the efficiency of their high quality and high volume mixing and production systems with matching proficiency in the transfer and handling systems. The necessity to transfer, buffer, and store fresh and cured product is essential to sustaining a balanced flow rate while maximizing the throughput pace of finished product. More and more, manufactures need to harmonize the wet side and dry side cycle times across a wider range of product requirements. HESS GROUP has the knowhow and equipment technology to optimize these balancing logistics to deliver the highest quality, greatest output, and lowest unit cost. Our fully-automated transfer, handling, treatment and packaging lines communicate with each other and are intuitively displayed on the operator control screen for smarter insights and understanding.

Concrete block refinement creates room for creativity

The market demand for diverse molds and sophisticated surface designs continues to grow, for example, natural looking block surfaces.