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Filler box planing roller

  • Patented steel roller that replaces the scraper frame in the front area of the filler box.
  • The roller is regulated by a chain-driven, frequency-controlled motor that is independent from the travel movements of the filler box.

The planing roller provides several benefits when producing paving stones:

  • It prevents the "digging" of concrete from the mold during the production process
  • Moister face mix concrete or large-sized paving stones can be more easily processed and produced (improved color intensity)
  • Significantly smoother product surface, better bonding between coarse mix and face mix concrete
  • Quicker cycle times due to the omission of the reversing operation
  • Available for the machines RH 1400, RH 1500 and RH 2000

Concrete block refinement creates room for creativity

The market demand for diverse molds and sophisticated surface designs continues to grow, for example, natural looking block surfaces.