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The high-performance hydraulics with the M-version

hydraulic system-hess-produkte

The block manufacturing machines of the M-Series are equipped with a CNC control unit. All axes movements of tamper head, mold, and filler box are monitored and precisely controlled to 1/10 of a mm. All axes communicate with each other to enable overlapping movement for optimal cycle time resulting in significant benefits:

  • Thanks to the position control, the tamper head brake is not required
  • No bumpy or jerky movements of the independently operating tamper head cylinder preventing uneven compaction
  • Harmonic movements ensure extremely low-wear machine operation
  • High repeat accuracy
  • No variation when operating with warm or cold hydraulic oil
  • Possible wearing in the cylinders is identified easier and faster due to the constant pressure feedback
  • Available for the machines RH 760/780, RH 1500 and RH 2000

Concrete block refinement creates room for creativity

The market demand for diverse molds and sophisticated surface designs continues to grow, for example, natural looking block surfaces.