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Mixing technology


Precise results each and every batch

The production of high quality concrete products requires mixing technology that delivers precise results each and  very batch. HESS GROUP SM-Series mixing technology consistently  dispenses the perfect concrete mix in the shortest time. HESS GROUP offers complete mixing plant technology including dosing units for aggregates, cement, and color-blended concrete.

The SM-Series of planetary mixers feature:

  • Self-supporting construction with lower and upper frame
  • Separate drives (for tool plate and mixing stars)
  • Stopping and starting the loaded mixer is possible anytime.
  • Two large double doors for easy and safe clean-up and maintenance operations
  • Two large discharge openings in the mixer floor
  • Clean-out time significantly reduced due to  minimal deposit build-up (special water inlets)
  • Special cement input device allows dust-free cement adding operation (optional)
  • High mixing intensity most favorable for low cement/water ratio concrete mix designs

Technical data

SM 400 SM 1500 SM 2250 SM 3375 SM 4500
dry filling l 400 1.500 2.250 3.375 4.500
max. filling weight kg 640 2.400 3.600 5.400 7.200
concrete volume per batch 0,270 1 1,5 2,25 3
main drive kW 15 22 30 2x22 3x22
no. of mixing stars (indivually driven) pcs 2 2 2 3 3
skip hoist drive kW 5,5 18,5 18,5 22 30

Concrete block refinement creates room for creativity

The market demand for diverse molds and sophisticated surface designs continues to grow, for example, natural looking block surfaces.