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Concrete block machine

Output. Quality. Cost-effective.

The RH 1400 optimizes cost-efficiency with performance for an Intelligent Investment in the production of high quality concrete products. Complete with its own handling system, it is now possible for customers to grow or expand their market through the advantages of a big board plant at a manageable investment level.


Technical data
production board(mm)1.400 x 1.100
production area (mm)1.300 x 1.050
min. product height (mm)25
max. product height (mm)400
dead weight approx. (kg)22.500
paver 10x20x6
without face mix
cycle time13
m² in 8h2.033
qty stones/form54
paver 10x20x6
with face mix
cycle time(s)17
m² in 8h1.555
qty stones/form54
hollow block 20x40x20cmcycle time(s)16
quantity in 8h18.360
qty stones/form12

*Production capacities are calculated on 85% basis and depend on machine configuration, used recipes, raw materials, pallet handling, mold characteristics as well as
utilized production boards. Technical Data are subject to change. **other production board sizes available.

Pallet depth maximum (mm)1100
Pallet width maximum (mm)1400
Minimum manufacturing height (mm)25
Maximum manufacturing height (mm)400
Mechatronic, frequency controlStandard
Tamper head block height stops 4 pcs.Option
Tamper head clamping, screwedStandard
Tamper head clamping, pneumaticOption
Tamper head cross cleaner, straightOption
Mold clamping, pneumaticStandard
Hydraulic function for mold flapsOption
Mold change, manualStandard
Mold change craneOption
Coarse mix Colormix drawerOption
Coarse mix silo, silo lining PA/HardoxOption
Coarse mix filler box with agitator cylinder driveStandard
Pneumatic scraper face mix filler boxOption
Face mix filler cart with planing rollerOption
Face mix Colormix drawerOption
Face mix silo, silo lining PA/HardoxOption
Electrical vertical adjustment chargerOption
Drawplate device at pallet transportOption
Core pulling device, separatelyOption
Styrofoam inserter, swivelingOption
Cooling tower for hydraulicsOption

Concrete block refinement creates room for creativity

The demand for diverse shapes and sophisticated surface designs, such as natural-looking stone surfaces, is constantly increasing.