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Concrete block machine

  • Fully automatic mold change with height adjustment mechanism
  • Designed to use existing foundation
  • Suitable to use existing molds
  • Operator controls with complete diagnostics
  • The dimensional exactness and high
    density for improved durability
  • Highly dynamic CNC hydraulic system
  • Oil bath vibrators
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Pneumatic mold and tamper head clamping

Suitable. Advanced. Precise.

Machines of the RH 700 series are equiped with the proven M- technology. The production area is availble from 3 to 6
blocks per Cycle. The high quality results derived from advanced vibration technology and height control exactness are now possible across a wide range of products, from 25mm (1 inch) pavers to 300mm (12 inch) high wall units.


Technical data
RH 760 RH 780
production board(mm)** 660 x 470 1.070 x 700
production area (mm)** 640 x 450 1.050 x 680
min. product height (mm) 25 25
max. product height (mm) 305 400
dead weight approx. (kg) 18.000 27.000
paver 10x20x6 without face mix cycle time (s) 8,5 9,5
m² in 8h 692 1.546
qty stones/form 12 30
paver 10x20x6 with face mix cycle time (s) - -
m² in 8h - -
qty stones/form - -
hollow block 20x40x20 cycle time (s) 8,5 9,5
quantity in 8h 8.640 12.884
qty stones/form 3 5

*Production capacities are calculated on 85% basis and depend on machine configuration, used recipes, raw materials, pallet handling, mold
characteristics as well as utilized production boards. Technical Data are subject to change. **other production board sizes available.

Concrete block refinement creates room for creativity

The demand for diverse shapes and sophisticated surface designs, such as natural-looking stone surfaces, is constantly increasing.