Compulsory concrete mixer


Separate drives for perfect mixing results in a short time

The TOPWERK-Mixers of the SM series provide the perfect solution for making concrete types used in the production of
paving blocks, kerbstones, hollow blocks, plates, and pipes and manholes as well as precast concrete elements. The production of self compacting concrete is also possible. The reliable planetary mixers are characterized by their high mixing intensity and are used by many customers around the world for many years. The new generation has been further developed and improved.

The separate main drive is realized by one or more gear motors in combination with a ball bearing. The diameter of
this ball bearing is depending on the mixer size and is 60 to 90% of the mixer diameter. This results in an extremely
rigid drive and there is almost no vertical movement of the mixing tools. This is especially important for fast and clean
discharge. The separately driven mixing tools are mounted on the tool carrier within the ball bearing.
The overlying rotational movement of the main drive and star drive results in an elliptical motion, in which the mixing
paddles slip over all areas of the mixer bottom and thereby provides a good mixing. With the separate drive it is
possible to start the mixing tools under load one after the other and then the main drive. On request, all drives can be
equipped with speed controls. Thereby the mixing stars can be adjusted relatively to each other and to the main drive and be adapted to the mixtures. Through different speeds the pollution of the mixing tools can be reduced. All this is not possible for mixers with central drive.

To improve the mixing results it is possible to add water or cement in the lower area of the mixing trough directly in
the mixture, if requested. Water is filled in by lateral water inlets, thereby the mixing tools and the upper part of the
mixing trough remains dry and there is significantly less caking. The cement is dosed and slowly added by a speed controlled screw to prevent cement lumps.

The addition of cement directly into the mixture reduces the cement dust deposits in the upper part of the mixing
trough considerably. There is much less pollution in the subsequent mixture and the cleaning effort is reduced.
The frame of the mixer is designed to be self-supporting with lower and upper frame and provides thereby also for the torsional rigidity. In particular, this framework allows the installation of two large double doors, making cleaning and maintenance easier and the safety of personnel is significantly increased. The framework allows the installation of a flat slide with two large discharge openings.

The perfect solution for the production of
dry-cast concrete