Cage Welding Machinery


Our cage welding machines are worldwide successful on the market for decades. We are a leading manufacturer of fully automatic cage welding machines for the production of reinforced-concrete pipes. These are high performance welding
machines for the efficient and reliable production of reinforcement cages and hoops in resistance spot welding process. According to the requirements of capacity, product or production line of the precast elements, we offer our customers the best adapted cage welding machine.

Capacity data

Dimension of product max. outside Ø 5.000 mm
min. inner Ø 340 mm
Quantity longitudinal wires 6 / 9 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 36 / 48
Winding wire Ø 5 - 12 mm
Longitudinal wire Ø 5 - 12 mm
Cycle times 1 - 20 min


Fully automatic cage welding machine with wire feed exclusively from coil. The continuous and uninterrupted
cage production resulting in a considerably higher output than conventional cage welding machinery.

RER (round-elliptical-round)

For the rapid, reliable production of cages with circular bell/spigot and elliptical cross-sections, allowing the use of a single cage even in large diameter pipes – in complete compliance with norms. The automated wire feed (AWF) executes just-in-time the feed of longitudinal wires of different lengths into the cage welding machine.


Conventional semi-automatic cage welding machine using pre-cut longitudinal bars. Designed for the production of circular and non-circular cages in variable lengths for pipes with and without bell. Extendable with AWF, automatic shear, cage removal robot, etc


Fully automatic forming and welding machinery for the production of resistance spot welded hoops for manholes.

The perfect solution for the production of
dry-cast concrete