Automatic concrete pipe and manhole machine

The versatile MISTRAL machine is designed for the production of pipes, manhole units, rectangular and square boxes. It offers  good efficient cycle and mould changeover times across the various product types. Our patented GEBA process ensures the exact length precision of products. Precise forming of concrete pipe and manhole spigots can be achieved through our SYSTEM-OPTIMA method.

  • The MISTRAL utilizes a pit installed vibrator unit which reduces noise levels.
  • The setup is accessible from three sides allowing optional handling systems to accommodate various product types
  • The highly effective central vibrator technology assures excellent product quality and together with tamper vibration providing exact concrete pipe spigots.
  • The hydraulic mould clamping of outer case and inner core in conjunction with the automatic height adjustment provide efficient versatility at mould changeover.
  • The MISTRAL machine can be dedicated either to one type of product or across a scope of products.

Capacity data

Product dimensions max. Ø 150 – 2.000 mm
Lengths max. 250 – 2.500 mm
Product weight max. 50 – 5.000 kg
Cycle times 2 – 6 min

The perfect solution for the production of
dry-cast concrete