Fully automatic pipe machine

The RADIAL PRESS RP stands for the state of the art technology associated with high performance manufacturing machine  systems for concrete pipe production. The counter rotating compaction distributor and pressing head deliver high dimensional precision across a range of concrete pipe having a maximum outside diameter of 2500 mm and a minimum inside diameter of 250 mm. Its ability to produce lengths from 1000 mm to 6000 mm at a fast rate increases by using two outer moulds mounted to a turntable allowing the joint operation
of production and demoulding.

  • The RADIAL PRESS RP has a high drive power for producing thick wall doubled reinforced concrete pipe.
  • All constituent parts are designed with high reliability
    and long life minimal wear in mind.
  • It produces low noise levels thus creating an environment for good and safe working conditions for staff.
  • This production system delivers a manufacturing excellence for a large range of concrete pipe at a high rate of output
    unchallenged in the marketplace.

Capacity data

Dimension product Ø max. outside Ø 2.500 mm
min. inner Ø 250 mm
Lengths max. 1.000 – 6.000 mm
Product weight 100 – 10.000 kg
Cycle times 1 – 4,5 min

The perfect solution for the production of
dry-cast concrete