Vibro-Compaction and Pressing method

PRINZING PFEIFFER was significantly involved in the development of the vibro-compaction and pressing method for the concrete precast concrete industry. PRINZING PFEIFFER has continuously developed the vibro-compaction and pressing method and adapted for an ideal production of more different concrete elements. The variety of all kind of compaction systems (e.g. central vibrator, vibration table, etc.) allow short cycle times and highest product quality.

  • Fast and homogenous compaction by vibration and additional hydraulic pressing force
  • The highly effective central vibrator, one vibration unit for all product dimensions as a rule
  • Highest product quality by the use of amplitude and frequency controlled vibrating table
  • Low water-cement ratio and therefore higher strength of the concrete elements
  • Short cycle times by fast compaction process and immediate demoulding
  • Efficient production of all requirements up to a fully automatic production system

The perfect solution for the production of
dry-cast concrete