Production plant for large sized pipes and box culverts

VARIANT production is a high level efficient process for a combination of products that need to be produced in large numbers to meet market demand. The VARIANT can be configured with a single station or two for a greater output rate with the flexibility to produce concrete pipe and manhole side by side.


  • The incorporated vibration and compaction technology is a developed design that is sufficiently powerful enough for
    large products.
  • The VARIANT utilizes a pit installed vibrator unit which reduces noise levels.
  • The easy operated system supports quick mould exchange by hydraulic core clamping with up to five locations.
  • This manufacturing process improves your production capabilities for large concrete products having high strength and exact specifications.

Capacity data

Product dimensions max. outer Ø 6.000 mm
min. inner Ø 250 mm
Lengths 250 – 5000 mm
Product weight max. 30 t
Cycle times 3 – 25 min

The perfect solution for the production of
dry-cast concrete