A production line for concrete posts, transmission poles and pressure pipe

The PRINZING PFEIFFER VENTUS combines the benefits of centrifugal spinning production and the addition of selected associated machinery. The degree of automation, individual components, equipment and machines of the production line are assembled according to customer requirements

The advantages of VENTUS

  • High concrete compaction by centrifugal spinning leads to higher density
  • Smooth and blemish free product surfaces
  • The centrifugal force achieves exact length and diameter dimensions
  • Curing of fresh products in the mould maintains high dimensional standards
  • Greater flexibility in pipe and pole
    design in regards of length, wall
    thickness and outer geometry

The VENTUS is especially suited for the production of longitudinally pre-stressed concrete products with excellent structural properties:

  • Masts for electricity supply, telecommunications and lighting
  • Half shells for irrigation and drainage
  • Posts and poles for civil engineering and port projects
  • Pressure pipes for water supply

Capacity data

Product dimensions max. inner Ø 3.000 mm
min. inner Ø 150 mm
Lengths max. 21.000 mm
Product weight max. 10 t
Cycle times 20 – 40 min

The perfect solution for the production of
dry-cast concrete