Automatic production line for a wide range of concrete products

The production system ZELUS is fully automated having a high degree of efficiency allowing a closed cycle carousel for a wide range of precast and wet cast products. A crane robot manages the automated handling of up to 130 battery style moulds to racking in an 8 hour working period, then subsequently acting as a demoulding tool. This circular system delivers high quality and a greater output of a range of products previously limited to  inefficient static moulds.


  • ZELUS has the capability and capacity to produce a wide range of oblique product shapes up to 1 m high x 3 m width x 6 m length with a weight reaching to 5000 kg.
  • This highly efficient line has an exact dosing system for the precise filling of individual moulds mounted within
    carrier frames which act as transport pallets to convey newly made product to a curing rack.
  • An alternative SCC (self compacting concrete) dosing method can also be implemented.
  • A filling depth tolerance of +/- 1 mm is maintained on the finished product.

Capacity data

Product dimensions max. 6.000 x 3.000 x 1.200 mm
Lengths max. 6.000 mm
Product weight max. 1 - 5.000 kg
Cycle times 3 - 5 min

The perfect solution for the production of
dry-cast concrete