Another Highly Efficient High-Speed Railway Sleeper Production Plant

September 15, 2023

Another highly efficient high-speed railway sleeper production plant from Topwerk Langfang is set to be delivered to Bureau 11 in October 2023. This new milestone project marks another successful venture for Topwerk Langfang, who is well-known as a strong driving force for the development of the Chinese high speed railway sector and for its innovative system solutions, advanced technology, reliable process & product quality, as well as exceptional after sales service.

Topwerk Langfang is the leading supplier for high-speed railway sleeper machinery in China and each year 3 to 4 customized and highly automated sleeper production lines are sold in the local Chinese market.

Since 2005 we are developing & producing tailor made railway sleeper production lines from manual installations all the way through to fully automated production lines. Flexibility and continuous development are synonyms for our reliable and efficient railway sleeper plants, being a preferred partner in the unique growth of the high-speed train network in China. Please find some reference pictures of our railway sleeper machinery below: