Our innovative WETPRESS sets new standards for high-quality curbstone production in China

January 15, 2024

TOPWERK LANGFANG has introduced a technically upgraded WETPRESS machinery which is designed to produce all kind of large-sized curbstones. Boasting high density, remarkable hardness, and excellent corrosion resistance, these curbstones find versatile applications in various applications.

Company Hailing from Anhui Province, a forward-thinking client made a significant investment by ordering two sets of WETPRESS from TOPWERK LANGFANG. Paired with two customized curbstone grinding lines our customers have the possibility for unique product surface value adding. All machines were successfully installed and commissioned as scheduled at the client’s site, earning the clients upon acceptance.

With the WETPRESS machinery our client will position himself as the leader in the Chinese curbstone production business. Due to short cycle times and excellent process- & quality control this investment will be a game changer for our client and their business scope and influence is planned to expand in new cities in South China. Moreover, the produced curbstones have a high corrosion resistance which extends the lifespan of the products, allowing them to thrive in harsh environmental conditions.

In conclusion, the WETPRESS machinery from TOPWERK LANGFANG will redefine the landscape of wet-cast curbstone production in Mainland China. The successful implementation of efficient curbstone production paired with high-quality value adding finishing lines at our client’s site in Anhui Province marks a significant milestone in the industry with bright future business perspectives.