Value-adding Machinery

Through the application of our Value-adding Machineries to pavers, slabs, curbstones, block steps,

we unveil the inherent elegance of hige-grade aggregates embedded in the facemix.

Turnkey Solutions
Value-adding Machinery


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Basic data

Curling — provide unique surface finishes
Utilizing curled surfaces on concrete products achieve a distinctive matte shine along with the smoother surface. 

Shotblasting — achieve premium product surface quality
The outcome is an elevated visual allure and a subtle textural refinement.

Basic Value-adding Solutions

Basic Curling Machine

At the core of our philosophy is the prudent use of resources. Our machinery is engineered for straightforward setup and operation, optimizing processes for maximum efficiency while minimizing resource consumption.

Basic Shotblasting Machine

We are dedicated to meeting the specific demands of your clientele by presenting a versatile array of surface patterns, intricately designed from coarse to delicate waves.

Stable Quality & Budget Friendly

Our streamlined engineering, coupled with top-notch materials, ensures peak operational performance at minimal upkeep expenses, providing a cost-effective solution for your needs.