WETPRESS 600 ton

New standard for the curbstone production.

Increase your profitability with value-adding machineries.

Curbstone Expert
WETPRESS 600 ton

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Technical data

Innovative. Reliable. Efficient.
Further enhance your professional & efficient curbstone production.

Whether you are new to this industry or have been here for many years,
our WETPRESS 600 ton can improve your production with endless possibilities.

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Value-adding Solution

By integrating with a paired grinding machine as the finishing line, the product surface will be further elevated, which makes it more appealing and competitive in the market.

High-end Product Finishes

Curbstones and other concrete products, meticulously processed for a unique and exquisite finished surface, feature a unique nature stone effect, which makes the concrete products seamlessly blend into various application scenarios.

High Quality & High Efficiency

Stable and reliable process of Wetpress guarantee not only optimal product quality but also streamline production, achieving a harmonious blend of excellence and efficiency.